March 23, 2011

Black n White

I love black & white photos!
Especially if they are vintage!
Aren't these simply adorable..Each one tells a beautiful story..
I found them from ridesabike blog
This photo is {me in the future} overlooking the ocean...


Anonymous said...

i love these. i love looking at vintage photos and riding bikes is one of my favorite things to do.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic. I especially love the one of Shirley Temple!

Jennie Prince said...

I heart black and white photos. Such a pretty collection you have here.


Fé... said...

It's so very true that a picture speaks a thousand words, especially when it's in black and white. It brings so much sweet memories :)

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love black and white photos, I love the atmosphere.

Tiffany said...

there is something about PinUps that's so super cute :) great choice of pics

Anonymous said...

S W E E T !!

I love them too...can't wait for the warmer weather so I can get out riding again.

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Amber Shea Nichole said...

Great Photos! I love em! I also love looking at their outfits :)

Anya Rudn said...

Such lovely photos!!

Pistachio said...

Such a great round-up. Love all those vintage images.

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

Ah! I LOVE these! Black and white photos just can seem so much more romantic sometimes. Perhaps the lack of color adds an element of mystery? Maybe it's just me. Thanks for sharing, these are wonderful! Have a gorgeous weekend:) xx, MademoiselleMichael

Heather said...

I am OBSESSED with Rides A Bike!!! It is absolutely the bee's knees, isn't it?
(ps- you're blog is an absolute delight! so glad I found it!)

septembre said...

Love you blog, very inspiring! A bientot....

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Good Morning sweetie :)
I gave you the VERSATILE BLOG AWARD :) come and see


valncami said...

these photos are absolutely adorable! love them so much and your blog is so cute too. thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog, so sorry it took us so long to get back to you! but we really appreciate it <3 maybe you would like to follow each other? let us know!

hope you'll come visit us again soon :}

xo, camilla & valerie

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashley said...

i love love vintage photos as well. have you ever been the i adore looking at those photos :)


Megan said...

These ladies, well some of them, make bike riding look so sexy! Love me some vintage bikes! Someday I will own one :)

Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

OMG, these photos are amazing :) I grew up watching the "old" AMC/TCM movies from the 30's, 40'2 and 50'2...seeing them feels like grandma's cozy home and special cookies :)) thanks for sharing!

CV Love said...

So nice! I love this photos

by delyma said...

we love Vintage!

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