My Lace Pumpkin

 Take any lace fabric cut it into strips
I bought this (funkin)-means fake pumpkin. I didnt know that at first. at michaels for $3.99
painted two coats gray acrylic paint.
Applied Mod Podge (go heavy) all over and on top of lace fabric.
Let it dry for 24 hours. There you have it gorgeous Lace Covered Pumpkin.

I combined the Lace Pumpkin with a fabric pumpkin that I found at Pier 1 Imports super cute I thought!
And the other gold painted pumpkin also from michaels.

From my Home to Yours~


LOVE your vintage pretty, crafty little self!!! So cute!!! :)

Sara B said…
Love these! You are so creative!

Can you reply to this comment with the best e-mail address to have for you? I'm trying to organize my list and I'm not sure what the best one to use for you is. Thanks!!

Karisa Marieee said…
what a super cute idea!!!! I think im going to make a few of these to decorate my house with! :)

xo Karisa
Urban Nester said…
LOVE the lace pumpkin! So pretty! When I painted my pumpkins, I was also inspired by this months "Country Living"... Great minds think alike :]

Simply Me said…
Cute !! I love the lace pumpkin!!
Unknown said…
What a cute little display my dear! :-) Great job!
Debbie said…
Those pumpkins are just SMASHING!!

Victoria said…
That is really really pretty! Love the look of lace on a pumpkin!
Denise Pacurar said…
You need to add this to the pinterest DIY section!!! This is sooo cute!

xoxo ~ Denise
Amber said…
love this, really I do. I am going to make this for myself this weekend for sure.
Leah said…
What a lovely grouping of pumpkins! so chic! Love the lace and the gold one..

Just stumbled across your blog, now following!

Karin said…
I love them both! I really love the gold pumpkin, such a nice fun addition to Fall colors. And love that Country Living Magazine!
Sandy a la Mode said…
awwww this is sooo cute!! i LOVE lace and this DIY is just awesome!!
Anonymous said…
Adorable! I need to go buy some lace and a pumpkin now! I love your blog! Following!

chern said…
get out! Im tryying htis when im feeling fancyy
Karen Ussene said…
wow so cute and original!
Love&Lilacs said…
Super cute idea. I'm definately making one for my house.
Unknown said…
This is soo cute!!! I might be going to Michael's today so I will have to try this out!

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