April 14, 2014

52 Project

Sometimes its really hard to capture a 'normal' photo with my boys. Ones looking one way, the other is acting silly..well we tried yesterday and thats the best one we got. I normally don't dress them the same but yesterday happened to be Palm Sunday and I matched them in denim and white.
We went to a beautiful park for a picnic after church. The weather was amazing!

Big brother was reading his favorite curious George book to his little brother.
Made my heart smile to see them so content.

They both love pancakes for breakfast. I have been making buttermilk oatmeal pancakes from scratch lately and they are absolutely tasty!


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Ezekiel: Giving baby sister high five!

Ethan: Morning snuggles with this boy are the best!

I know I haven't been keeping up with my weekly blogging. Quite frankly I simply don't have the time let alone energy left for it. I used to be so on top of it and blog about so many things that inspire me.
But right now, maybe because I'm 32 weeks pregnant, with two busy boys to take care of, prepare a nursery for their sister, and on top of all we are building our new home. So many decisions and planning ahead this year. I cant believe its already APRIL! wow! Where does the time fly by?! Anyways, my life is pretty hectic right now ( in a good way ) though..a lot of new changes and exciting projects ahead.  My goal is If I can keep up with this 52 project weekly of my children that would be awesome! For they are my life. And I love looking back on their little journey. Speaking from the heart.
Blessings to all and hope everyone has a wonderful week and beautiful Easter weekend~


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Miss Twiggy said...

this is soooo sweet...

blue said...

beautiful pictures! I love your floral thermals, where are they from?

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love your wavy hairstyle! Can you please do a tutorial or explain what products and equipment you use to achieve this look?:) thank you!