February 8, 2015

Little Angel Baby Shower

What an Angelic Scene. It really took my breath away!
Together with my friend Maria-BumbleAlley Photography we turned my home into a little bit of heaven. We wanted to surprise our friend Nadia who is expecting thier fifth baby- a little angel -gender unknown due in a just a few weeks.
This theme fit her personality so well. It turned out to be better then we expected!
We know we wanted white to be our main color, some metal bed-frame as a focal point, candle-lit atmosphere and we wanted clouds! The crystal touches and bits of gold made it all that much more beautiful. 
>>Thank you Favors   
We made feather pens with a bit of sparkle. And to go with the pens a little notebook ( from Target)
We know how much Nadia is a writer so I thought the idea would tie in perfectly! 
Also I had each guest take a photo with Nadia on my polaroid fuji camera and write a note for expecting mama in a journal to take home along with each photo.
At first I thought to put cotton blooms on every table. They reminded me so much of the cotton clouds, but then realized that no store carried them anymore and its a bit to rustic for this theme. So we went with white roses, tulips, eucalyptus leaves and greens bunched together into my white tea-pots used as vases. 
The clouds were made out of 100% cotton (from Maria's old sofa that was going to be tossed)
needle and thread with buttons attached at the ends, hairpins & tads. I can't take credit for these clouds because I didn't help make them. It was all Marina and Jenny's hands that put them together. It took some time and patience. I'll have to do a tutorial DIY on how exactly they came out to be! so stay tuned….
Pinterest inspired of course! This double layer feather fondant cake was made by Vera Kalabina. She added the sleeping baby angel on top! It was so delicately made. Such talent!!
It was very yummy inside as well! A russian chocolate layered with rum.

>A Huge Thank you to Maria! We make a great team. Your attitude about it all and your sweet humor and huge heart! Love you girl! And thank you for taking these beautiful photos. You captured it well.
>Jenny Ozeruga, my sweet sister in law she helped make the clouds and put the final touches on and for bringing the sweets.
>Maria C. thank you for making the banners. It tied everything in together so nicely.
>Mia, for getting me the flowers. 
>Luda, for putting the bouquets together.
>Barclay Rentals for the white chairs, made the room so much prettier!
>My sister Glo, thank you for driving around and picking up the cake with me.
>Toots, thank you for letting me borrow all of your crystal!
>Everyone else who brought a dish and made it to the shower!

If I missed a detail please don't hesitate to ask. Email me at vintageprettyo@gmail.com


Tündéri Lonka said...

so cool!

Tamara said...

this is so precious and beautiful. what a sweet friend you are!

Unknown said...

What a lovely theme. 💕