February 8, 2016

Love Month of DIY's

Anthro Tissue Garland
painted wood arrows

back yard LOVE sign

I love the month of February not only because of the "love" holiday but because its the transition month from winter to spring. This is the month I love to work on some DIY projects that I've had pinned in my Pinterest for quite some time. I've collected some of my favorite DIY projects that I've done over the years and I hope you will get inspired and create something pretty this month, wether its for a loved one or for simply your home.  And keep in mind that most importantly, when you work with your hands, it takes a lot of your time, but time is what you have thats more valuable then just going out and buying something quick on the go. Good things take time and time is quality. Do it with Authentic Joy in your heart, and Love on your mind. Do it for the Glory of God, for He gifted you this talent in creating something beautiful.