March 18, 2017

Signs of Spring

We had a couple sunny somewhat warm days, (a couple) amidst all the down pour rain here in Portland, Oregon. When the sunshine is out so are we!  Pressing pause on all the laundry, the dishes, the mess inside, it can wait, and I don't feel guilty. Ethan my four year old loves to collect things, rocks, leaves, bugs, sticks, flowers, you name it! I enjoy it so much, seeing his little adventurous heart grow more deeper in love with nature and all Gods beauty that He provides and the best part is its free! The fresh air is free, the warm sunshine, the wind, the trees, the earth, its free for us to enjoy it!  Therefore we did just that, together we collected fresh spring blooms and played in the playhouse. As busy mamas who constantly give and give and give, we already know, being a mom is a calling to selflessness. In a real sense as moms, we can not only have kids, but our kids have us. They have my attention. They have my devotion. They have my affection. They have my energy. They have my time. I highly recommend pressing pause to the everyday chores and simply going outside and seeing the joy that motherhood brings in the eyes of your children and in the free nature and beauty that surrounds us.

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