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May 16, 2014

Happy Floral Friday

Staging a floral corner//

Afternoon tea has become a tradition in my home. Wether its shared with a friend, spouse, my children or by myself. Its a must. This is where I unwind, relax, read, write and learn. I like to create the mood for myself. Does tea always taste better from a vintage t-cup? It certainly looks and feels better! Finally Flowers! I  must always have fresh flowers on my kitchen nook table.  These were a mix of  flowers from mothers day that I snipped into one small bouquet to last a little bit longer. But any old roses fresh from the garden make the perfect tea table decoration, anything fresh and pretty will add a touch of style. Let your imagination run wild -- the important thing is to enjoy it all!
I have a thing for anything floral really! Wether its a t-cup, hankerchief, linens, or throws! I recently found this adorable floral throw at an antique shop. Isn't is gorgeous?! It was in perfect condition, I love to snuggle up with it while I read and sip on my tea.

Taking Time For Tea//

Tea. Such a small world, yet it evokes a universe overflowing with ideas, traditions, flavors, history, utensils, exotic travels, inventions, recipes, industry, and social graces. It's a near-endless list of fascinating details and pleasures.
Whether you are new to tea or have long sipped from its cup of inspiration, you will find among these pages many reasons to celebrate the beverage that symbolizes warmth, comfort and generosity throughout the world.
The freshly poured cup equally nurtures conversation and silence. Community and solitude. Rejoicing and reflection. Giving and receiving. This is the abundance and wonder of tea! Take a sup and savor all it has to offer.

May 10, 2014

Little Flower Baby Shower

April 19, 2014
A wonderful surprise thrown by my friends and family.
Introducing "Little Flower" a.k.a.  Eloise Pearl.
Huge THANK YOU to everyone who was involved and made this come true!
I was blown away and started crying when I came in. Every little detail was so well put together and beautifully made. I'm still in aww..when I look back at all the photos. This was way more then what I expected. My dear ones really showed me their love by throwing this for my little flower. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
  • Photographer: Liana Mikah
  • Florist:  Sweet Peony Florist
  • Decor: Jenny, Gloria, Toots, Nadia & everyone else who helped!
  • Favors: flower seeds made my Nadia
  • Studio 220: Portland Oregon
  • Dress: Nordstrom
  • Hair & Makeup : BlowOut Bar
  • Cake: Lilly Schiriac
  • Food/Desserts: Thank you moms and ladies who contributed!

This is only part one. I have more fun to show in the upcoming post.
Stay tuned....

June 21, 2013

Floral Friday //


Paper Straw Floral - Flower ...

Royal Albert Vintage Floral ...

Bright Floral Decorative Pil...

Vintage Empress Yellow Flora...

Decorative Bicycle Pillow- B...

Grey Floral Dishtowel

Vintage Style Floral Plates ...

pink floral gold Chodziez Te...

Vibrant 3 tier cake / cupcak...

vintage cloth floral clutch ...

Lovely White and Floral 80s ...

Liberty floral tiny coin pur...

Floral Peter pan collar - Su...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 inch s...

Floral Geometric on Wood iP...

Washi Tape ( 10 meters ) s9...


Like many of you & I when we think of floral it instantly reminds us of romanticism and feminity, in other words "vintage pretty." Perhaps no spring or summer will ever pass without having its share of floral prints. Florals will never get "out of style" in my fashion book. In todays modern world we live in I love the endless products out there now representing florals! Check out etsy alone you'll be blown away with all the pretty things! And lets not get on pinterest or you'll be stuck for hours browsing the various floral fashion trends. The options are limitless!
I want to share my love for "floral" at least once a week every Friday! If you want to share something floral related, it can be an outfit, a product you'd like to feature, diy project, photo shoot, please feel free to email me at and Id love to share it on my blog!
Also on Instagram hash tag "floralfriday" and you might be featured on my blog post as well!
So let florals quickly start to bloom in your wardrobes to mark the transition of a new fashion season.            

June 16, 2013

Sisterly Tea Party //

Summer warm night, sisters, flowers, fruits, sweet tea cheese & crackers what a great Sisterly Tea Party it was.. I enjoy throwing spontaneous little get togethers in my backyard with my close friends and family. This night happened to be extra special because it was just us four girls and of course my little munchkin and Zeek attended. With great conversations, love and laughter, this was a memory to remember forever. I'm blessed to have such awesome people in my life.