May 16, 2014

Happy Floral Friday

Staging a floral corner//

Afternoon tea has become a tradition in my home. Wether its shared with a friend, spouse, my children or by myself. Its a must. This is where I unwind, relax, read, write and learn. I like to create the mood for myself. Does tea always taste better from a vintage t-cup? It certainly looks and feels better! Finally Flowers! I  must always have fresh flowers on my kitchen nook table.  These were a mix of  flowers from mothers day that I snipped into one small bouquet to last a little bit longer. But any old roses fresh from the garden make the perfect tea table decoration, anything fresh and pretty will add a touch of style. Let your imagination run wild -- the important thing is to enjoy it all!
I have a thing for anything floral really! Wether its a t-cup, hankerchief, linens, or throws! I recently found this adorable floral throw at an antique shop. Isn't is gorgeous?! It was in perfect condition, I love to snuggle up with it while I read and sip on my tea.

Taking Time For Tea//

Tea. Such a small world, yet it evokes a universe overflowing with ideas, traditions, flavors, history, utensils, exotic travels, inventions, recipes, industry, and social graces. It's a near-endless list of fascinating details and pleasures.
Whether you are new to tea or have long sipped from its cup of inspiration, you will find among these pages many reasons to celebrate the beverage that symbolizes warmth, comfort and generosity throughout the world.
The freshly poured cup equally nurtures conversation and silence. Community and solitude. Rejoicing and reflection. Giving and receiving. This is the abundance and wonder of tea! Take a sup and savor all it has to offer.

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Tereza said...

so pretty, I love drinking tea! I'm lucky that my sis in law just started her own organic fair trade tea company :)