February 27, 2009

Forever Hold Me So..

Allie & Noah from the Notebook.. Aww..


Hold me now,
hold me tight,
hold me softly,
through the night,
hold me forever,
as if for the last,
hold me tomorrow,
and in to the past,
hold me while,
im here with you,
hold me now,
ill hold you too,
cause for always youll be,
holding onto me,
even when im not here,
hold me forever,
hold me near.


Sara said...

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Carol Lin said...

Hello! I recently received the "Lovely Blog Award" and I was asked to pass the award on to sites that I feel are deserving. I have chosen you as one of the recipients. I like browsing through your posts =) Please visit my blog for more details!

fartholomiew said...

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