June 12, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I apologize for not being on for so long.. You see, I found out I was pregnant back in February, and I have been sick my first trimester so haven't had time to Blog at all~! Also due to traveling it was very hard to keep in touch. But now, currently at 17 weeks along 2nd trimester & I'm feeling so much better..I'm Back. This is whats on my mind lately....

-Creating the Perfect Baby Boy Room Nursery
-Creating the Perfect Scrapbook Room

You see we will be moving soon this summer to our brand new home, & so much decisions, decisions....what to do..! Not only to complete the entire house, buy furniture & on top of that baby in 6 months! YIKES!

S.C.R.A.P.B.O.O.K R.O.O.M. I.D.E.A.S
my color theme..

I will be getting built in cabinets. I think I like the minty color wall..

Absolutely Love this bulletin board!

Cool place to keep your stamps!

okay, so this looks like a sewing room, but I love all the colors!! I want same color theme in my future scrapbook room!

Antique Mirrior, love the color!



Frame Babies First Shoes.. aww..what an adorable idea. I love that these are Lace too!

I like to keep things simple. I Love White, grays & greens..

You see..I'm really into the whole Bird Theme Idea Too...
Bird Curtain Rods. I love it!

Oh ya its a boy! We got to find out early! How amazing!

umm ya, couch in the nursery..i like this idea. super cute!

Thanks for visiting! If you have any links, suggestions about bird theme nursery ideas, or any scrapbook room ideas, please email me! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! And Congratulations!!!

Little Bow Prep said...

Welcome back!

The pictures are lovely!


Raincloud said...

I'm happy you're back! Your inspirations were always lovely.
Here are some bird ideas: