November 16, 2009

lovely things!!

Browsing one of my favorite blogs & etsy! found some adorable things!

Darling vintage pins from oh hello friend, etsy

Sibs, original painting from etsy

Styling book shelf. all my favorite colors

Vintage baby white shoes

Doily clock from etsy

what a precious doll house book shelf

most precious baby birth announcement card found from


Six divided by two..... said...

I love your blog!!! I am now a follower.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a doll house that I know I will never part with. Right now she's actually using it as a doll house, but when she grows out of that stage, which I hope is never, or at least not anytime soon, I'll get her to fill it with books too.

love, love your site, and your music...everything about you....seems so beautiful....and you're only 22...!
I'm 35...oh how I wish I was 22 again...!!!

ciao bella!