July 1, 2010

gotta have it.

Some things that have been floating in my mind..
This one of a kind beautiful
Can I pull off wearing high rise shorts?
Neutral Glamour.
Elle Magazine
I adore this picture.
The pants are cute and the braided bracelets.
I've been looking into curtains for my home.
Sheer Curtains make a room look romantic and breezy..
Spicing up my Guest Bedroom with a splash of yellow!


Adding a pair of roller skates to my closet.
I want to go skating! really sOOOn!..


Marie said...

Lovely images!:D I am loving the curtains!:D

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the sheer curtains.. that's what I did in my bedroom and it looks breezy

I can rollerskate ;)

-Olga B

Anonymous said...

I so want those pink and white sheer curtains for my bedroom.....come by and have a look at my post for today, and you'll see what I mean...they would be just perfect..where are they from? ????

ciao bella
creative carmelina