August 3, 2010

The Heart for Adoption

Meet Katya from Ukraine.
This beautiful young girl is an orphan from Ukraine who we welcomed into our home to host  for 6 weeks this summer. At first she was really shy but as we got to know her she really opened up and  became our friend.
She is 14 years old her birthday is October 6th. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. She is very sweet, nice, helpful, and like any normal young teenager she enjoys doing what everyone else does.
 She met my sister Gloria (the girl on the right) and right away they clicked and became really close friends.
We did a lot of activites this summer, boating, jet-skining, tennis, visit the beach, bowling, photoshoots (this happend to be the last one I shot of them together) Oaks park, roller skating, cooking, but most of all just spending time with family and friends and other young childern that also came from the orphanage.
I wanted to let all my followers, family & friends know that if you can help spread the word on adopting this young lady. If you know of anyone who might have a heart for adoption, this would be very appreciated.
Katya would very much love to move to America and have a mom & dad.
She is desperate for that love of a family.
If you would like more information about her and or other young children,
You may contact my sister-in law Inna.
Thank you.

It was hard to say good bye to Katya last Friday.
We will truly miss her & hope that she will find a family soon.

Katya w/ her youger sister Mariana

Memories will last Forever~


Marie said...

What a blessing when two people just click!:D

Thanks for sharing these pictures!:D
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Hazel said...

God bless you both. You must have given her such a beautiful time while she stayed with you. :)