August 27, 2010

Love Stripes

My Little Stripes Obsession.
Stripes are Fun.

Stripes are cute.
Stripes Stand Out.
Stripes are Casual.
Stripes are Design
Stripes are Sweet.
Stripes are laid back.

Stripes are Adorable
Stripes are Vintage.
I ♥ Stripes. Do you?


Zhanna said...

I loooooooveeee stripes! Loved this post! You made me WANT to go and buy everything in stripes. lol

Anna said...

Yes, Yes I do.

Anonymous said...

love strips! all sizes and colors

travelertanya said...

this is my favorite post of all time. haha. I adore stripes! :)

Viktoria Kovtun said...

Hahah love stripes too! your cute in all your pics!