August 9, 2010

{Parts of My Home}...Scrapbook Room

Welcome to my Whimsical Scrapbook Room!
Happens to my one of my favorite rooms of my house.
Its where I relax and create..
Stay up late hours of the night...
Find Inspirations..
Its where "Adding Layers of Personality" takes place..
My Inspiration Wall
A miscellaneous collection of things I admire.
Lovely Buttons.
Art work that still needs to be hanged up.
The Big Scissors! Found in an antique store.
Scrapbook Inc Magazine, always get ideas from...

Collection of Books I read, color coordinated..
Preparing My Work Space..

I'm working on my Sons Scrapbook.
I will show you page layouts I created later.
Stay tuned... Thank you!


Karin Sexton said...

It's beautiful! I LOVE the vintage Barbie sketches, I have some too and I am so obsessed with them. Love your blog!

tanya said...

Wow. Beautiful. I wish i had a room to myself where i could create and be inspired to create.

Anyshka said...

Love your little creative room!

Anonymous said...

So you have just been to my blog and seen my studio space, and now here I am looking at your gorgeous set up!
Girl, you live in a picture perfect world, everything about you is stunning, and your tast in home decor is bliss!

Thanks for sharing!

Ciao bella!

Creative Carmelina