August 31, 2010

A world of pillows!

Pillow Giveaway at The Decorista

Whether you want a seasonal shake-up or you're looking for a trendy, vibrant change, it's easy to do with the right pillows. Go with wild patterns, bright colors or flat-out trendy styles to give your home an updated look. Pillows are an inexpensive way to make an impact on a room, and because they're not a big commitment like furniture or lighting, you don't have to be afraid to change them often. In fact, you'll want to that's the point.

Being Romantic
Mix Fabrics like a pro
Adding a shout of color
keeping it neutral
Pillows as Art.
inexpensive updating
Bring the outdoors inside
-Found on Etsy - Jolie Marche
Fuff up your Decor with Pillows!

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Anyshka said...

Great post.. I love pillows i'm always keeping an eye out for a great vibrant colored pillow, it really does freshen up the room. =)