September 19, 2010

*Boutique Galore*

Welcome to my dear lizzie boutique in Utah
This place is so beautiful.
Filled up from floor to ceiling of incredible STUFF.
If I could.
I would buy..EVERYTHING.
We had the incredible privilege to come down and check it out all to our selves.
Ladies, if you are ever visiting Utah by all means..
You must stop by and check this boutique out.
Your mouth will drop open and you wont want to leave.
The best thing is there's also a bistro inside, so grab a cappuccino some dessert and enjoy your tour.


 Go on now.
get ready to indulge in a lovely, eclectic mix of Holiday & Home Decor, French Soaps & Lotions, Fine & Funky Jewelry, Vintage Treasures & Baby Delights, Gourmet Sweets & European Pastries & cherry flavor dear lizzies!


Karin said...

Wow!! Yes, I want everything too! Amazing find!

Anyshka said...

So many pretty thing! Gorgeous boutique!!

Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely shop! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

We have a boutique like this one in Salem called French Unicorn, and its gorgeous in there as well!!!