September 25, 2010

Inspiring Ways to Decorate

Pieces of Lace hanging down as a chandelier centerpiece
Very French Chic

 If you have a girl, what a cute idea to do a Alice and Wonderland Theme.
Just look at how darling the stacked tea cups look as a centerpiece.

 So adorable.
This theme can be used for a birthday, wedding, bridal
Soft and Sweet
 I love the idea of having plates stacked on top of cups

French Vintage Inspired Decor
 I simply adore the hanging portraits on a wire
 Beautiful Frames
 Draped with Pieces of Fabric & Lace
How Gorgeous!
 Flowers in colorful glass bottles
very anthropologie, urban setting

 Simple, yet satisfying
 Another Draped ceiling Galore!


Candice said...

gosh, I love every one of these pictures! Makes me want to do some interior decorating!!

Anya Rudn said...

Such great ideas!!
Love it all!