September 13, 2010

Spark Event No.2

Wow! What an amazing, over whelming, tear jerker, whimsical, breathtaking EXPERIENCE!
I'm more than excited to share with all of you my lovely time in Lindon UTAH and the best ever Spark Event. Enjoy~
For the L♥VE of Vintage Cameras~
Have you ever seen such a Cute Pink Bike! And yes, it was hanging from the ceiling as part of the Decor!
Vintage TypeWritters Everywhere! Centerpieces
My Lovely Sis & I Just Arrived...
Look Above at all the Paper Goodness Galore! Delish! =)
Our Cute Welcome Bag full of Goodies!
Cute Decor!
Sweet Tooth Candy Station..yummm....
Pretty Pink BirdCage
And yes, that is minopoly and domino decorations..
Who would have thought?
Working on my Canvas..First time using Modge Podge.
I think I'm in love.
Cant wait to work on some canvas at home.
Basket full of Wool.
My sis made a Scarf.
I made the Necklace.
All made out of WOOL!
Gorgeous Ever Decor by the front entrance
Relaxing, & striking a pose on the Oh So Comfy Vintage Chair.
For the L♥ve of Vintage Shoes.
*Dear Lizzie Boutique*
I love LOVE paper decorations!

Me + Spark = Happy!

                                                              Getting ready to Create a Vintage Broach.
Made some Lovely New Friends!
Checking out New Tools.
Cute Decor by the entrance
All of this paper goodness for us to use!
Fun FUN!
We had a special Guest Perform.
Her music is so perfect for this event.
It is so fun and easy to listen to.
I'm glad to have met such a talented person!

Fun Project with Beautiful Elizabeth Kartchner
We all had a lot of fun!
Meet Lizzy. She is a Beautiful person inside & out!
Mother of  soon to be 3 Girls!
She has her own Craft Line & Book Out
Very talened creative person and I got to meet her!
One of the most memorable moments of my life.
♥ her!
What a funny nice woman! She put this event all together for us.
We had a class with her and I'm in the process of finishing the project.
Will post it up soon. It was very nice to have met her! She is like a Legend in the Scrapbooking world!
Margie has her own line out.thegirlsloft & the girls paperie
Working on our Uplift Project!
A Huge Thank you goes out to all the Teachers and Sparketts who made this all happen!
You made dreams come true. Memories Last a Life time!


elizabeth kartchner said...

Oh my goodness you are SUCH a doll!!! It was so fun to meet you and your adorable sister. You two are beautiful beyond description. So glad you made it down from Oregon and hope we stay close!

P.S. Collin wanted to know if your sister milked any cows? :)

Anyshka said...

Wow it all looks so amazing and colorful.. Gosh that would of been great place to go to!! Love all the unique ways to decorate and i love the vintage type writer. Want one now!! =) You and ur sis look adorable and i love your cute Shoes!!!

Thanks a bunch for sharing! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh okay, why wasn't I there? Lol
That is all so right up my alley too!
All of the vintage items like the typewriter and bike! Wow!
And again, you were so rocking those vintage shoes!
What a great sence of style you have ....
to think to put together a torn pair of jeans and a vintage shoe!

Terrific...I'm thrilledvyou have shared the fun experience with blog land!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Jynene said...

love, love, love your blog! my sis and i were at spark too! so fantastic... dreamy.

Anonymous said...

May I ask how you found this event, and have you found any events like this in Oregon?
Looks like so much fun!!!