October 27, 2010

From Outdoors In.

This lovely tree in the backyard has turned into a even more lovelier orange tree.
I gathered a few stems..

And used as Autumn decorations for my nook area.

Up close in Detail
digged up my old leaves napkins and holders
I adore them.

 I had to take a picture of this beautiful yellow leaf as it sat so nicely on the steping stone

A little bit more Autumn Goodies in my plate.

The pine cones smell so fresh.

From my house to yours...


Anyshka said...

Super cute decor.
Love fall and Christmas decorations makes everything feel so homey and cozy =)

Yana said...

Randomly came across your blog today. Love it. Especially your playlist, I had it on while working on homework, twas wonderful!

Zori said...

I see you guys are back home:) We had a great time with you in hawaii// your decor looks beautiful, love the autumn colors

Pearl said...

Thank you girls!
And yes, Zori, feels good to be home..sweet..home. except the cold rain. I dont mind the beautiful autumn, just not the rain!!