October 4, 2010

This is mE.

I could stay inside this store forever..
I explore it like a museum.
Each time I'm in here there is something new and exquisite on display...
This trip happened to be in the state of Utah when I went with my Sis.

Tell me why you like anthropologie so much?


Anyshka said...

Love the Gold frame in the first picture!!!
Love that store because it has so many unique things that you wont find anywhere else!

Karin Sexton said...

How do you even put it into words? It's an experience every time you go. It's become an obsession and I don't ever want to know just how much money I spend there! Great pictures!

French country furniture said...

You have furnished your house really great. I like your electric bed. On which I have never slept. I am sure that You have renovated all thing in low budget. This is inspiration for all the users.

Viktoria Kovtun said...

I love anthropology because it reminds me so much of your cute style!! and thanks for your last comment on my blog :) and also thanks for the invite to maui! We actually already had tickets to honolulu before we left to russian.. We have a wedding there so, but maybe you can come visit us like last time.. dan and Kristina will be there the same time we are also.. :)