November 3, 2010

...{Parts of my Home}...

  • Welcome to my Loft Area!
  • A wonderful Corner of My Home
  • This place is used for reading books or magazines
  • Its where I sometimes sit with my lap top and do work
  • My newest addition is the Blue Lamp. I adore it.
  • The table was an Antique Find.


Maria said...

I absolutely LOVE the lamp! The little table has so much character, love it. Feels so cozy. You did an amazing job!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Just lovely fabulousness:-)*

SO pretty to see you again,my dear friend!

Hugs and Love to you,

Tamara Nicole said...

Love that lamp, super cute:-)

Tobe @ Two Tall Blondes said...

ummm...i pretty much need that lamp. stunna.

thanks for stopping by the blog, pearl! so fun finding you!