January 19, 2011

Free People

Received my Free People catalog today.
I'm loving the pages in it!

See the spread here
You'll love it!


Hanna said...
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Hanna said...

The photos are so light... I really want spring to be here.

Love the mix of prints in the first two images.

claire said...

Gorgeous -- clothes, accessories, photography, models! :)

Glory said...

This makes me want to go shopping; not good :D Lovely clothes, I want them all! <3
Thanks for the outfit inspiration sis.

danielle said...

yep, FP is so fun. My oldest did a day in the Philadelphia office creating bracelets and sewing with the accessories team. You can see it way back on my blog, like year, 2008 I think, around Xmas. They always have the best shots for their mags.