January 4, 2011

Love of Eclectic Interior

Just browsing around..
Marking my favorite rooms and the highlights about them.
In this room I love the High Ceilings,
the gray walls, patterned border, and the large mirrors.
Very Eclectic
Love the white and gray everywhere.
The clock in the back is adorable
And of course the crystal chandelier
This room is very victorian
I love the art work how it pops out on the yellow walls
And the elegant sofa by the window

I kinda like the blue walls and the salmon pink window drapes
                                So cohesive, oh and those chairs are adorable!

Love the display of wooden gold frames

Bookshelves are color cordinated
Lovely way to display them..
Such a ladylake girly room
I'd sit here and just ((sighhh) adore it.
love the simplicity of this bedroom.
The Large Rug on the floor.
And the mismatching dresser from the bedside table.
So me...
What room do you like?


malia said...

Hello! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Vintage Indie post (Jody's place). You have a lovely blog... Malia

Heart Charlie said...

Great pics! I love your choices, the softness of the colors is really calming :)

Anna said...

The white and grey is so dreamy.

Anya Rudn said...

Love how almost every room has a Great chair that makes the whole room come together!
My two favorites would have to be the Very Victorian room, it has so much character & the Girly room, love hues of pink and flowers... but i also love blue & salmon colored room & the color organized books room.. gosh haha tough choice.. they all very great. =)

found and sewn said...

great selection.I'm inspired

Anonymous said...

Well, if I had to choose..I'd say room #2 is my favourite..but to be honest...i rather like my humble little abode right here where I sit!

Home is where the heart is after all!

Ciao bella....

I just love your sense of fashion and decor style!

Creative Carmelina