January 5, 2011

Step into Fashion

The One. The Only.
Gorgeous Miroslava Duma 
 They call her the "Russian It" Girl
hmm..I wonder why..
well..shes Beautiful. Has Great Style. Lovely Hair. Great Bags. Sweet Accessories.
Looks great in Headbands!
And I'd pretty much wear everything in her closet.
I've posted about her back in this old post 
its been a while since I've seen her..so I did a little googling & followed back to see her fashion style..
oh, and I guess she was pregnant too. hot mama!
Gosh, She's adorable.

To view more pics of Miroslava click here


Tamara Nicole said...

She's adorable! Oh my gosh and versatile, love all the looks:-)

Also I have something for you on my blog, come chk it out!

Amanda* said...

Hot damn! She's adorable!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

She's so cute - I really love her style :)

Karin said...

She is fab...gives pregnancy chic a whole new meaning!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I know what you mean... she is a true style icon for sure plus she is tiny like me! :D LOVE!!!


Anya Rudn said...

Wow what a beauty!
Love all her diff styles, makes everything work so well!
Love Love the cute heels!!!

Roxy Te said...

well hello, fabulous! I don't even know where to begin! May I have just a little bitty drop of her impeccable style?! And she is so stinkin' stylish in her maternity clothes!! eeesh!

Anonymous said...

I love her in red! She makes pregnancy super sexy looking.

Anonymous said...

You were just as adorable when you were with child too! but this was a wonderful spread..great style...!

ciao bella
Creative CArmelinA

{molly beth} said...

just found your chic blog and i love it !

come stop by: