February 2, 2011

Scrapbook Art

Oh I love Love these beautiful layouts by this creative mom
of 3 daughters! Looking at these makes me wanna have a girl now!


Karin said...

You for sure need a girl! Tea parties, ruffles, pink, dresses, headbands, bows! (Can you tell I'm dreaming of a girl too! haha) These are gorgeous. XO

tanya said...

yes, all that and more!girls are truly a blessing, so are boys! cute layouts

Anonymous said...

Get busy and have one then!
They are so much fun, more work, but also more fun! lol

I have one of each and I am so thankful!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

They are TOO CUTE! You must be really tempted, becuase I am, although i am not old enough!!!! lol
ciao bella!