March 22, 2011

{Parts of my Home}

My Newest Delights added to my Home

Shall we have some tea today?
I havent drank out of my lovely little tea cup antique collection. (I have many)
I mostly use them for decorations...But one day I will have a tea party, and I shall use them.  

Vases on my table
I love the Green one.
The Lid happened to be from another vase (thats what the lady at the front counter told me) But she sold it to be like this anyways.
I enjoy receiving my monthly shopping catalogs
They all happened to arrive on the same day! (BIG SMILE)
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Free People
  • Anthropologie
I love this kitchen towel.
I got this pretty matryoshka-tea-towel from etsy.
 Ice cream jars found at Antique shop, unfortunately there were only 5.
I would have got more. 
 Ice cream never tasted more better
when served in a beautiful dish!


Anazuz said...

ice, ice baby :) beautiful new stuff!

Kandice said...

i love all the pretty dishes you found :) that teacup! beautfiul

the ice cream dishes are really cool too. i think i might need some of those now :) haha

Karin said...

Perfection! Loving all the antiques.

Anonymous said...

i love your kitchen, especially the special touches and antiques.

Glory said...

always love your house & all its decor!

Tereza Anton said...


wonderchris said...

Those ice cream dishes - swoon!!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving those ice cream dishes, the color is divine

Anonymous said...

Hey Pearl!

Great collections...especially do I love the bone china tea cups. I have been collecting pretty floral tea cups for a decade now...and it's an addiction....or passion that I hope never stops!

As for your set of five ... Instead of thinking of them as a set one shy of a full six....just tell yourself that you found a quaint set of four....with a bonus one in case you break one! It works for me every time.
I'll keep my eyes open here when I'm out thrifting, you just never know that you might be able to add to your collection over time!

Ciao Bella!

PS, I never would have pegged you to be a 'cupcake devourer' aficionado! That was a cute photo montage on your little sisters blog.

Creative Carmelina

Jennifer said...

Ah. Love this. Vintage items have so much character! The tea towel is one of my faves.

VeRo! said...

so nice!!! :D


Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I love the tea cup and ice cream dishes! I have recently wanted to start collecting tea cups. The tea cups would look pretty displayed on an open shelf.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

ah, so lovely! love your kitchen :) so pretty!

Lex said...

Oh my goodness! I love the tea cup collection. My grandma and I used to have tea together all the time (being Irish and all. haha). That makes me think of starting a collection like she has.

And those vases! To. Die. For. I want them. haha.

Cute touches, to an obviously adorable home.

Melissa said...

love your teacup...we could have a teaparty together...i have piles of mix-matched lovely china...a very healthy vice...i'm sure you'd agree...
how divine is that new anthro catalogue!!

melissa x

two birds said...

such gorgeous items you have adorning your home! i also love when i get catalogs in the mail. and all on the same day? what fun!

rachelinaustin said...

Just started following your blog, I love it!

I love those vases!

Anya Rudn said...

Beautiful home and all its decor!
Lvoe the antique ice cream dishes, to cute!

Mademoiselle Michael said...

I love your backsplash! The little dots are such an elegant detail. Beautiful, Beautiful taste. MademoiselleMichael

Susan said...

gorgeous photos! love them all!!

Kerri said...

Love this! I have a definite love for teacups, especially!

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