May 31, 2011

On my Island...

My Kitchen Island is one of the most used places around my home.
Its where we sit and eat most meals, where I spend many hours on my lap top, and its defiantly where I change the decorations quite regularly.
Wether its fruits in a bowl, a candle lit, stack of magazines and mail,
 or simply fresh flowers in a vase.
I tend to always have fresh flowers on my Island, no matter what time of year it is.
These fragrant purple Lilac flowers were cut right from my mother’s yard.
And of course, me and tea! I couldn't resist when I found this set.
The frame and tea set were found at a local store called Tuesday Morning.
Hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend!
Whats on your Kitchen Island?


Tamara Nicole said...

Love the fun flowers! We actually don't have an island, long narow kitchen:-) BUT on my counter I always have fresh flowers and something on a cake pedastal b/c I am obsessed.


Linh said...

Aww lovely! Unfortunately, we have no island at the moment BUT our next home will definitely have one. I love antique pieces :)

two birds said...

it's beautiful! we don't have an island, but if we did...we'd for sure have fresh flowers! lilacs are my favorite (i wish the bloomed all summer!)

Pinecone Camp said...

I too spend heaps of time at our kitchen "island", though it's more bar than island. Right now it's loaded with 3 almost finished bird house, a stack of bills to pay and our iPod dock. It's a mess!

Anonymous said...

Well! first of all, I love your photos. And that picture of the big Mr. E is adorable too in that frame! Great finds...and I too would so shop in a store called Tuesday Morning.....or Tuesday Afternoon!

I don't have an Island in this house..but in my previous home..I was always playing around with display items too....especially designed fruit bowls....because I like picture perfect vignettes, that's why!

have a great day Pearl!

ciao bella


sherri lynn said...

So pretty! We don't have a kitchen island, but we really want one when we buy our own home!

Tereza Anton said...

So beautiful. I my small kitchen I have a corner that looks like french bakery :).

VeRo! said...

great photos!!! :D
the kitchen is the centre of our house! everything happens there! :D
it;s the family's meeting point!


Mrs F. said...

I love Tuesday morning. My mother-in-law took me there and I found one out 2 minutes away from my house! It's great to find unique items!

Loved to see this little part of your kitchen! It looks really adorable!!

xoxo, Ana

Tündéri Lonka said...


Stephanie said...

Tons of cake pops and crumble cake from a tea party recently held at my house! Come take a look!

Have a great day!
- Stephanie