June 30, 2011

...{Parts of my Home}...

My little Wall
I love the idea of collaborating antique frames, art, & pictures together...
This creates a mix n match eclectic look.

The view from a distance
Antique Frame of a little boy kicking a can around. I thought it was so cute and a perfect fit.
The Console Table
We got this table, mirror and both vases from Pier I Imports when we first moved in. (Oct 2009)
I still like them, they fit perfectly in this space. But now, I really want to either paint the wall, or the mirror,  and change the knobs and add some color.
The light is a Scensy warmer. For those of you who do not know, its an awesome product!
Check it out here here
Our Little Nest of 3
My small but yet awesome Interior Design Book collection!
I love to look through them every so often and dream about knew ideas that I can create.
This little elegant container (made in england) I found at an Antique store. ($10)
Why I bought it, well look at it! Its so adorable! engraved lace detailing..
I store some of my favorite black n white photographs in it.
I keep it close by, so I can share with my friends when they come over.
 I love to look back at my families old photographs. Especially the ones of my mom.
Its so interesting to see what outfits whe wore. Many of which she made her self!
The Family Room
This is the room where we hang out the most.
Its very cozy and comfortable with our big sofa from Dania. And fluffy round pillows from Pier 1 Imports in which the kids all love.
We put in these built in shelves, and stained them.
As you can see..this is where I can get a little carried away with rearranging and decorating things.
Its never boring for me.
Its all about the Details
white vases: Home Goods | camera: Antique | books: Antique | candle holder: Anthropologie | frame of my sons little butt crack in Hawaii  | bike: Antique
 My sons little corner
Toy Chest: Home Goods | Pony: passed on
The Mantel
For those of you who know me by now and have seen my fireplace mantel change over the seasons.
I always keep my antique frames though, I just change a few accessories around....
My husbands favorite childhood memory.
All of his sibilings (at the time) sitting around papa while he read them a story.
My hubby is.. yes, the little chubby boy in the front. hehe ;)
The Nook Area
To tell you the truth, we never eat here. Just because of our Island which is so big and a lot comfortable for me to serve food on it every meal time.. 
Sometimes we use this table when guests come over and we need more space.
 Its just an area where I use to display my seasonal decorations.
Hey I dont mind, since Im a little addicted to rearranging things around my house anyways...
Red vases: Home Goods. | Birdie clock: Craft Warehouse | Frame: Antique
This is a very old picture of my brother & I in Ukraine.
I was 7 months old.  ha ha I know I look like a little boy..I dont think my mom ever put any bows in my hair until it actually grew long..
I wanted to add a little bit of color in this space. Because everything is so neutral coffee brown color.
I'm really thinking of painting the back wall another color, or possibly wall paper..
The Island
Yes, its white, and Yes its Marble. I've always wanted a Marble Island despite of all the talk we got on it, how it's extremly soft and leaves every mark and stain.. Okay..well that is all very true. When we first moved in I was very paranoid and used place mats and coasters all the time. But then I really got tired of constantly reminding everyone to be careful..so whatever..it is what it is.. You cant see the marks and spots unless you really look in the light.. Its not that bad.
This is an old picture of the Kitchen when we first moved in. (Oct 2009)
I forgot to take a recent picture so here is how our Kitchen looks like.
Built-In Shelves
When we orginal designed our kitchen, I told my husband its a must have to put built in shelves in the Island.
My original thought was to store all my cook books here, but the shelves turned out tiny, so books couldn't  exactly fit. I still managed to fit picture frames and antiques on it.
Picture of my son at 5 months in the (hat) and 17 months in Hawaii.
(I know I have picture of him everywhere!)
 I fell in love with this bike the moment I saw it at an Antique shop. wouldn't you?
 On top of the Fridge
I used to have just two of the Red vases (look above) too boring for me..
But I got sick of it and wanted a change.
So I added some of my big bulky cookbooks along with some other kitchen accessories to create this eclectic space.
 Now I feel the two areas really tie well together. A look from on top.
Tea-cup Display
This is my newest addition to my house
This little lovely tea cup display hanging on my wall.
I found it at an antique shop and completly fell in love with it.

From my house to yours~
Thank you for viewing parts of my Home..
more to come..office, scrapbook room, dining room, master bedroom...


Swirls of Happy said...

Your home is gorgeous! The kitchen is amazing :) You are so great at decorating. Love it all!! Xo


Paislea Elyse said...

i love the cute frames and pictures everywhere!!! they're so cute!!

allister bee blog

Karin said...

How could you not have pictures of your adorable son everywhere? You do such a great job, I have so many antique touches in my house too, it really gives such an amazing, old world charm. And I love having old photos around too, I treasure them!

Anya Rudn said...

Beautiful Home, I love how you put it all together!

I am just like you I am always rearranging all the decor around the house lol

You def got a talent..
Excited to see the rest of your beautiful casa =)


Fashion Affair said...

Your home is beautiful... u have good taste...

Jewels and the other One said...

love you're style and everything you do. its adorable, just like you! (wow I rhymed lol)

Lex said...

It's crazy how similar our taste is in home decor! Absolutely beautiful home and great choices!

Irina said...

Its all so pretty! Everything matches so nicely!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your home is just beautiful, you have great style. Thanks for stopping in and Happy 4th.

Beth Leintz said...

Your house looks like its good sized, but all the sweet personal touches you've added make it feel cozy and comfortable.

Simply Me said...

Yeah, thats my little man, big belly and all... luv it.. I love your blog and photos, i love your sandles from urban outfitters, i have been looking and looking at them, so cute!!! Urban outfitters one of my favorite stores luv your style!! Thanks for stopping by my blog Have a great weekend!!!

Harley said...

This is so lovely! I am just getting ready to start decorating my own house and I can't wait!

Juultje said...

You have a lovely home, it has a very comfortable feeling, so cosy and nicely decorated!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful home, so inspiring ! loved it.