July 12, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride

 My Little Adventure
I was a little bit excited at 5:30am!

So was this guy! my hubby
About to get in and fly!
My brother in law with his girlfriend joined us
At last!! 350 feet up in the beautiful sunrise sky!

We were next, about to touch the lake!
Breathtaking scenery
nothing but green valley views ahead!

Landed Safely in some field.
Got served the most delicious breakfast outside!
A toast for the adventure and for spending 4 great years together!
What a fun adventure! I highly recommend this for anyone to try it! And for those who are scared of hights..
I'm one of you, I wasnt scarred at all! Its so slow and steady and very relaxing up there!
I had the most fun by 8am then most people would in a whole day!
my weekend highlight. (more to come)


Swirls of Happy said...

What a fun adventure! I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Congrats on 4 years with your hub...you look adorable. P.S. Very cute outfit!! XO

two birds said...

how fun! happy anniversary!

elisabeth said...

this is so great!
i totally want to go on one :)
one of my friends proposed to his wife on a hot air balloon ride.
congratulations of 4 years!!


Chloe said...

Oh my days... I've always wanted to do this.

C x
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Karin said...

I'm totally afraid of heights but it looks so beautiful! So you drop down in the lake and then go back up? Yikes! Seems totally scary but a fun scary, what a rush!

Urszula said...

what a fun day !!! I have to try this with my hubby!!!

Charlotte B said...

What an amazing adventure! My hubby and I really want to do a hot air balloon ride, thinking of waiting til we go to America next year to do it... you look like you had an amazing time xx

Johanna said...

This is something I've always wanted to do! I love hot air balloons. The pictures are great!

Linh @ La-La Linh said...

No way! So jealous. I'm a bit fearful of heights but I have always wanted to go on a balloon ride! Man - for 530am it sure is bright out. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

Bobbie said...

So jealous! but so happy that you and the hubs had a happy anniversary celebrating four yearsI such beautiful pictures to capture the memory!
:) Bobbie

Fashion Affair said...

looks like u had fun... u guys make an adorable couple... congrats

Laura Nelson said...

I cant get over how sweet your hubby is for taking you here! So cute! It looks amazing and so beautiful :)

Yana said...

Fabulous photos! I hope to do this someday.

à la parisienne said...

My husband and I shared this exact same experience on our honeymoon in Napa. I am totally afraid of heights, but I agree with you, I wasn't scared at all; it was actually a thrill!

Beautiful pics!


love is in the air♥

looks like so much fun...
beautiful pictues hun and your looking loving as alway!!

Anonymous said...

OMG i would be scared to do that! :D

Melanie said...

Going on a hot air balloon ride is one of my dreams. Lucky girl!