August 22, 2011

Pretty Browns

Hi there lovelies,

Lately I have been busy and have no time to blog!
I have like a bunch of photos on my camera that I need to upload on my computer and share with you.
I recently took a trip to Astoria, Oregon..
I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been there before! And I live in Oregon!
The city is historic, filled with Antique stores, urban cafes, beautiful sea, so relaxing~
..It’s quite a  pretty town!
Well I will share them with you soon..but in the meantime..I have been eyeing brown lately..from the different hair styles, to the bags and outfits, and that cute little birdcage photograph thing is from World Market..I really want it!


Anonymous said...

those clothes, the love love! we definitely have the same taste in all things pretty! :)
can't wait to see photos from your trip, sounds like a wonderful little town.

Irina said...

Seeing these pretty ladies makes me want to give birth faster so i can look just as chic!!

Little Rus said...

I love the first photo - brown looks so beautiful against olive. One of my favourite colour combinations... x

Beatrice Balaj said...

Love all of the outfits. So lovely!


Tereza Anton said...

Lovely inspiration.

Lidyll said...

I just love to stop by your blog-there is always something pretty!*smile*

Thank you for great inspiration!

Karin said...

Brown is one of my favorite colors! It's a classic neutral that goes with anything. I am also always trying to find the perfect shade for my hair. It's a never ending process!