November 11, 2011

Portrait Drawing

As a self taught artist Creative Carmelina has blown me away with her amazing creations! She does beautiful portrait drawings, paintings, journaling, crochet and many more crafty things! She contacted me and asked if she can draw me! I was totally surprised and excited to say YES of course! No one has ever drawn a portrait of me before! So, she started a series of portraits called "Pretty Pearl" and will feature them on her blog. The exciting news is that I have no idea which pictures she borrowed from my blog. 
Check out her amazing blog and trust me her work will astonish you!

These were some of my favorite from her lovely sketchbook of portraits!

And now Im flattered to be featured on her blog!
 This is the first photograph that she used

 Her work begins!


I love every detail!
I'm super excited to see the rest of her "PRETTY PEARL" collection!
Visit her etsy store!
Once again, THANK YOU Carmelina!

Happy Veterans Day!
And to this amazing date ever!


Diana said...

Hi Olga :-))
You have a very lovely blog :))
I have been reading Carmelina's blog for a little while and she is very creative and talented. It is exiting to have a picture drawn by her :-))
Have a lovely weekend,

Paislea Elyse said...

wow! she's very talented! i wish that i could draw!!

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Veronica Popoiacu said...

love it ! you look wonderful in that drowning !

Anonymous said...

Oh Pearl!

What a flattering post! Thanks so much for the mention.
I'm having fun and working away here a little each day....

You were so sweet to link to me, I appreciate it very much.

Ciao Bella
or should I say, Pretty Pearl!


jamie said...

you are so fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Her work is so beautiful... It's easy to see why she chose you as her model ;)

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Unknown said...

I love it. If I could draw I'd pick you for a model too sweetie. :)