December 19, 2011

{DIY} Pretty Frames on the wall

 Step 1. Cut out different papers into the glass slots.

...Parts of my Home...
The Master bedroom

Welcome to our little birds nest.
Its very simple and the colors are brown, green, mustard, golds and tans
I've collected a number of vintage frames and art over quite some time and wanted to collaborate it over my bed. I'm very impressed with the way it turned out.
I like to mix & match furniture pieces with home accessories to create a cohesive, cozy in other words eclectic look in my home.

There are improvements that I still want to change in my master bedroom.
Like put wall paper on the walls. Paint the dark brown furniture and change the knobs.
Also change the 2 side lamps. Work in will get done one day..
As for right now I changed the back wall from being boring canvas to pretty frames and I'm satisfied.

From my home to yours~


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

What a beautiful dream.

Tamara Nicole said...

Beautiful! You always have the cutest taste my dear:-)

Sandy a la Mode said...

looooooove that wall of frames!! i want one like that in my home!!

Gia said...


Jenni Austria Germany said...

obsessed. love it all. and maybe kinda wish it were my bedroom. :)

Courtney Lane - Blog said...

Lovely! Love those mustard knit pillows and those little letters. The room looks great!

Erin said...

You have the most amazing taste! :) This is awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your eclectic style!
It's always a work in house is continually evolving - and I love that about homekeeping.

Domestic Bliss! Thanks for sharing more of your home.
I have posted my studio/office space....and a printout of a photo from your blog is pinned to my shelf as inspiration...someday I might draw that one too.

Let me know when your drawing arrives, Hope you love it!

Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina

Amber said...

the frames look great in your bedroom. I showed my husband your room and all he could comment on was the awesome tv.

Denise Pacurar said...

So lovely!! It looks EVEN better in person!! :)


Debbie said...

So very charming, love your little cozy nest!! The frames look great, very cool idea. I also love the bird art, so colorful and free.


OneCraftyFox said...

Lovely and cozy filled with so many things that hold meaning :)

Joanna said...

This is such a cute Idea. Adorable!

jessica said...

Your house is so gorgeous! I love all the little details you include. The bedroom really does look ecclectic, I like the mix of different textures like the chippy paint on the window frame and the knitted pillows.

Beautiful work! :)