December 12, 2011


Because its the beautiful Holiday season my phone has been filled with festive photos through out the week!

1. New vintage window frame, filled it with paper. will have DIY soon! stay tuned.
2. Cute Anthropologie matroyshka ornament
3. my colorful cups that I got as a christmas gift from my mother in law. I love to use them especially during the holidays!
4. My newest perfume from it!
5. Mitten Garland also from Anthropologie! No I didnt knit it! I wish I could!
6. New vintage wall art for my masterbed room. DIY soon~
7. I loved how my fireplace mantel turned out. Very cheerful and festive! Will also show on upcoming post soon~
8. Colorful wrapping paper for my gifts! From paper source
9. Lovely new vintage pink ornament for my tree. (Discovered a new antique mall and will post about all the good things from there soon)~
10. Wrapped Gifts
11. mushroom ornaments from Target. Love.
12. Vintage Glass Ornaments in a tray on nook table
13. Gifts under tree..beautiful.
14. Love this idea with 3 plates glued on top of eachother with mirror on top.
15. Our Lovely Tree!
16. Cozy winter socks from Gap.

A little video to start your week!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

this is so Christmasy and anthro-y and instagrammy and therefore i love it.

Princess Pookie said...

YAY! Love your blog. It's a cutie and brings lots of inspiration! I met you at the amazing SPARK event.

Merry Christmas!!!

Jo Dee aka Mrs. Princess Pookie

Anonymous said...


Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina X 29 !

Gretchen Black said...


Ashley Blunt said...

New follower and am totally smitten with your blog :)