December 20, 2011

Vintage Christmas

Last week my friend Domnika & I went to visit the Monticello Antiques  right here on Stark in Portland Oregon. I came to my surprise that this Antiques has been there a little over 10 years and it was my first time visiting!
 Usually I go to Stars Splendid Antique Mall in Sellwood.
But to come somewhere new and find a cafe inside as well was such a beautiful experience.
Visiting Antiques always brings joy to my heart. I find it very fascinating and overwhelming with all the vintage pretty things that surround me!
Especially during the Christmas Season.
It was very hard to put my camera away.
I wanted to take a picture of everything!
(Oh and take everything home with me of course!) =)

Christmas is less than 5 days away! Yikes! 


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Beautiful images, like always.

Olivia said...

so fun! I don't get over to Sellwood as much as I would like but my girlfriends family has a handmade shabby chic/vintage shop that I think you would love! It's called Camp Hollyhock. She has some stuff in Stars and then started her own little place! You should check it out :)

Karin said...

Ooh I would have wanted everything! Gorgeous pics!

Amber said...

Everything is so pretty. I bet I could spend hours in that store (and a lot of money...if I had a lot of money, of course...which I dont)

Sarah said...

Pretty! Did you get anything?

Kait said...

Oh my, these photos are so lovely!!!