February 13, 2012

Giveaway + Survey

Hi my Lovely Readers! 
Please help fill out my survey to let me know what sort of content you're interested in and how I can make vintage pretty a more prettier place to visit.
 I always adore hearing your comments and truly value your opinion. 
 Participants can enter to win this pretty giveaway!
These are some of my favorite things that are from my home and I would love for one of you to have them.
~A bar of soap
~4 stationary cards with envelopes
~4 clothes pins that I decorated with washi-tape.
~Vintage crochet doily

 Example on how you can use the clothes pins in hanging your  memorabilia.

Simply fill out the survey leave your blog URL and then come back and leave a comment for your entry! A winner will be chosen at random next  Monday, February 20th:)


Sister Shirley said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely offerings! I've always enjoyed your blog, and honestly it's hard to come up with any ways to improve it.

Have a wonderful day!

Gentri said...

Done and done!! :D I so need these for my new home! It is so bare. I have a whole pile of pictures I want to hang and no clothes pins. So this would be perfection!

Jennelise said...

I filled out your survey! I think your blog is perfect! - I love to visit :) Take care!

Danielle said...

I filled out the survey. Thanks for not making it super long. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olga!
I just went over and filled in your survey....i would have answered a million questions for you.

Blog about the things YOU love, and do around your home and in your life! Whatever makes YOU tick will be interesting to other women readers....and your own joy and happiness will shine through in your posts!

Stop by my blog again....I've just posted a FLASH GIVEAWAY you might like to enter!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Betty said...

I absolutely adore your blog...I can't think of any way to improve it! just love all your posts. You've inspired me to blog! :) Have a good night!


I adore your blog, for real. Your graphic scheme is the best and so unique!



va said...

filled out your survey , thanks .

love your photos as well .

Anonymous said...

Filled out your survey. *fingers crossed*

Juultje said...

Such a great idea to decorate those pins!!

MissSugarAndSpice said...

You've created such a wonderful blog and like some of the girls have said, it is very hard to improve, just keep on blogging about what you love, if you love it, i'm sure we all will too.

Karin said...

I just love your blog. You always find the best photos to share, you have great style, beautiful taste, and one of the most adorable little boys ever! You are so blessed and we are lucky that you share that with us. I took the survey, don't have my own blog, but wanted you to know that you are doing a wonderful job on this little corner of the internet.

Bubbly said...

hello, i'm from Singapore and I chanced upon your Blog and I'm blown away by the pretty stuff you have!

I adore the clothes pins :)

Lynn Marie


The Little Flapper said...

You have exquisite taste! I adore your blog. And what a generous giveaway! :)

Irina said...

I like when you blog about anything personal. I will also enjoy a good read!!

Kerri said...

I filled out the survey. Found your blog recently, and really truly adore it. It's all things that I love rolled into one blog! :)

MARGARET said...

I entered. Your blog is lovely and it's great to see you attuned to what your readers want!


Elise said...

I am so happy you commented on my blog..so I could find your cute little spot on the internet! I love your blog! I did your survey!


Anna Combrink said...

I took your survey, but I'm obsessed with your blog officially. SO MUCH cute stuff.

Erin said...

I filled out your survey! What a cute giveaway! :)

Kaleigh said...

Hi pretty lady, I'm entering the giveaway! Mind sharing where you buy your washi tape from? I'm just now discovering this amazing little guy and I like your prints! :)

Heather said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Filled out the survey and am crossing my fingers! :)


Tereza said...

finished the survey, thanks for a sweet giveaway for doing it :)

Maria said...

Just finished the survey. Your blog is really sweet and pretty and I'm excited about this giveway. Such a lovely collection of goodies :)
xoxo Maria

Hannah said...

I finished the survey. This is such a fun giveaway. I hope I win. :)

Thank you so much for having this. :)



JenniB said...

Great idea creating the survey! I'll have to look into that for my blog as well. The giveaway looks wonderful...I'd love to win!

Featuring Fashion said...

so pretty!