March 24, 2012

{DIY} READing Corner for a toddler

What a fun project that I did with the help of my two year old son in the beginning.
I love children's books a lot and have been collecting them before my son was born.
The ones in the waggon happen to be his favorites. He still has 2 more shelves full.
I love vintage children's books especially all the Little Golden Books. The illustration's are adorable! My favorite children's illustrator is Eloise Wilkins. The most precious drawings ever.
I usually buy books at Goodwill, Antique Stores, Barns n Noble, or they are given.
The two little white chairs and the antique table were all from an Antique Store.
All the letter E's I started collecting when Ezekiel was born and over the past two years I have finally completed that little E' corner. Most of them I painted & distressed them. (making them look a little old) and some of them I found at Antique Stores and others from JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels & Craftware House < (All local craft stores in Portland).
My inspiration for the Letter E's on the wall idea came from
this picture that I saved before my son was born. I loved the Eclectic color theme.

Anyways I wanted to create a little READing corner for my toddler where he can grab a book of his choice (not mommy's) at his reach and enjoy it. When I came across this decoupage craft idea from a wonderful blog enjoying the small things I instantly pinned it on my kids-spaces board on pinterest and knew I had to create it too! It was really easy and messy but a lot of fun!
Hope you and your kiddo's are making some craft projects together for Spring!


Nici said...

Oh, that's such a pretty and cute idea!
Maybe I wanna try this!

JenniB said...

That is great...such a special spot for your son and he can be excited that he helped to make it!

Despina T. said...

this is so beautiful!anyone could do it for his own library.great decor piece and a lovely idea:)

Simply Me said...

So Cute, I love this idea and you the little one is Precious !!

Kira said...

I just did a really similar project for my daughter's room using those same craft letters. We used fabric scraps instead of book pages, but same basic idea :)


awww your son is sooooo cute!!!!and that's a brilliant idea to do the "read" like that!awesome decoration!


Juultje said...

such a simple and lovely idea!!

Tündéri Lonka said...

good idea!

Anonymous said...

This is darling! Can I ask where you purchased the cardboard letter? I only seem to find the flat ones, but I live the 3D look to these :)


Olivia said...

super cute!! love this. i also love the old vintage childrens books, need to start collecting!!

POSY and CO. said...

Bravo, Pearl...BRAVO! Much love, Lisa

Jennelise said...

Wow! This is really cute!! I received my beautiful little package from your giveaway today! It was such a lovely surprise! Thankyou so much! I just love visiting your blog - have a wonderful week!

Leanne said...

Too precious!!!

Love from South Africa

Anonymous said...

LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow. If you want some inspiration for work..check out my blog:)
Have a great week

LOVE Maria at

Sarah said...

Early reading is so important! I love how you've made this a special area which indicates that.

Vintage children's graphics are the best. I was trying to think of a fun way to use some, and I'm now inspired by this idea!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i looove this idea.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I'm very big on books. I've been reading for the 11-month-old that I look after. I love that now he can walk and grab his favorite books :)

PS:PS: I'm having a giveaway for moms and moms-to-be! Please come check it out :)