March 15, 2012

My Goals for this weekend...

1. Decoupage cardboard letters R.E.A.D and hang above a wagon filled with all Zeeks favorite books. This will be perfect little area for him to grab a book at his reach. As a two year old he loves books especially when mama reads him a bunch right before bed. I got both of these ideas off of Pinterest. Cant wait to get started.

2. Organize my pantry. Yes I need this very badly! I started about a month ago, took everything out of my pantry and guess what now its back to looking all unorganized again. I found this clever idea where you can print the labels on clear decal paper and stick them right on top of these glass jars from Ikea. Cant wait to do this!
how to: tutorial

3. So I have all of these empty tea/coffee containers and instead of just tossing them away I figured Hey why not make a DIY project out of them. I'm thinking of either painting them or covering them in pretty vintage fabric and using them for my craft room. Putting my supplies in them. Any other ideas?

4. Brainstorm on my Nook Area. I really desperately want to make a few changes. I'm tired of all the brown neutral/mocha colors. I really want to add a pop of color.

I really like this color scheme.
 blueish gray for the wall color?
I could put a love seat on the side.

Cutest Towel. where else but anthropologie.
I like the color scheme on it

This light blue wall color is nice too.

I do like this eclectic cozy nook.
I could add some bookshelves on the sides?

So what do you think? I love any honest feedback.
What are your plans for this weekend?
Mine will sure by busy but productive and I do hope to get these things done!


Cátia Rodrigues said...

Amazing ideas, can't wait to see the final result :)

Jenna Grace said...

Instead of replacing 2 of your chairs- re-upholster them with fabric from your color scheme! Just an idea! Love the idea to save those coffee/tea containers for craft room usage. Thanks for the idea!

JenniB said...

Wow! You are going to be a busy lady this weekend. Nesting? ;-) I love the tea tins—I think fabric decopaged would be really beautiful. Can't wait to see the results of your weekend!

Julye said...

Very inspiring pictures - you have such a nice blog!!

Mesmerize said...

so great photos - I love it:)
please visit me in free time:)

nami said...

All right. So I got here randomly but I love your nook and the ideas you got. I'd get rid of the curtains - they just take off from space. Light blue for the wall since you seemed to like it. I'd paint the chairs in white. Leave on the table only the bicycle, books and maybe the photo camera, too. I'd replace the lad artwork with the photo booth pics from the table on the wall. And if you're thinking of a rug, I'd suggest yellow or light purple one.
Or, another idea, I'd paint the table in a bright yellow or a leaf green and leave the chairs how they are. :)
PS: I love the color scheme from the anthropologie towel.
I hope I didn't scare you off. I love decorating and design a lot and when I saw you need some help with new ideas, I just can't help it! Please post a before and after when you're done, I'm really curious how this will go. :)


Anya Rudn said...

Love the first Nook picture you posted with the brick wall frame.. Love everything about it.. You should def consider getting a love seat corner for the table with some fun colored pillows.. Love the look!!