March 9, 2012

Pregnant at 16 weeks

 bow clip: American Apparel | top: Pac Sun | rope belt: from another dress | lilac pants: Nordstrom BP | oxfords: Steve madden | watch: gifted | bracelet: Free People | ring: vintage

We took a little 4 day trip to Palm Springs California this week.
We desperately really wanted to get away from the cold weather and warm up in the hot sunshine.
It really felt like spring there. So beautiful!
My hubby took some pictures of me at 16 weeks pregnant.
Baby Size: Turnip (5 in, 5 oz)
Baby can hear my voice now..and music. Yay! I love reading stories to my son every night so now baby can enjoy listening to them too..
Dont know the sex of the baby yet. We will find out around week 20. Cant wait!
I will post more pics next week.
Also coming up next week posts of my pregnancy journal and outfits.
Hope everyone has a beautiful warm weekend!


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

You look absolutely adorable! I hope I look that cute (and skinny) in six weeks! Haha! I'm glad you guys got to get away. I've been wanting to escape to palm springs lately too, but I have family there which makes it less of an "escape" at times. Guess we'll have to find a different place!

dreaming en francais said...

Your baby bump is so adorable, and I love the pants!! Would also love to escape to Palm Springs right about now. xo

Tereza said...

you are so cute I love your style! now I am obsessed with your pants, what a great colour!
Have a lovely weekend

Karin said...

So darling!! Hope you are feeling great, you look beautiful !

Michelle said...

You look so happy!! If your second is even half as adorable as your first, you will have the cutest kids in California.

Holly said...

You are the prettiest pregnant lady I've ever laid eyes on girl! I love all these photos :)

Anonymous said...


It looks like it is really nice over there in California! It also looks like your having a lot of fun!

Stop by my blog sometime and see what I'm up to, if you'd like!

Ciao bella!

*Bella Bliss*

Anonymous said...

cutest baby bump I've ever seen!

you have a healthy glow about you!
take care.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Posy and Co. said...

You are radiant, girl! So happy you had a fun getaway with your guys! Much love, Lisa

CoCo Wray said...

You look beautiful! What a great memory to look back on in photos:)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Look at you and your cute little pregnant self! Beautiful! Love the outfit!

Kira said...

You look so cute! Love your pants and shoes!

Veronica P. said...

you look adorable !

Leanne said...

You are the most beautiful mom!

Love from South Africa

Olga said...

LOVE!! You are so cute pregnant! You have such a beautiful family!!

Jennelise said...

How lovely for you! I wish I could go somewhere warm - I am ready for spring! You look lovely by the way :)

Denise Pacurar said...

I love this top!! You look so so so adorable pregnant!!!

<3 Denise

toi said...

I follow you by twitter but today i am stopping by to say you look radiant at 16 weeks. Lovely outfit and weather.

Elise said...

You look darling!!!