April 10, 2012

Weekend Highlight

My Best Friend. My Rock. My Husband Edward.

My one & only Gorgeous Sister Gloria!
Dress: Vintage | shoes: Nordstrom Rack | tights: not sure

My two year old son Ezekiel.
One of the only photos that turned out good. I wish he was smiling though. He wasn't in a really good mood on Easter, missed his nap and  was not feeling like posing for mama in front of the camera.
It happens sometimes. What can you do. But I love him to pieces! He is such a blessing in my life! He lights up my world!
We had  Easter dinner at my in laws this year and I wanted to bring some of my pretty touches.
 I also made Easter baskets for both of my parents filled with mugs, tea, chocolates and other goodies but I forgot to take photos of them. 
So this is a little simple Easter table setting that I put together.
Since my sweet mom in law did all the delicious cooking, the least I could have done is made a beautiful table.
Tulips I bought from Trader Joes. And its nice because my mom can now plant them in her yard.
I bought the 4 different color place mats, white charter plates, napkin holder and napkins all from Pier I Imports. They happened to have an awesome sale and I know that I will always resuse these items again.
These candle holders were also from Pier I Imports.

Gift Baskets for my parents
Goodie Bags for the kids.
 Sweet Traditional Cake that mom makes every Easter.
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I wanted to share a few photos from my Easter weekend.
It was such a gorgeous day out! I think Portland reached 68 degrees and that is pretty warm considering it snowed last weekend. We had church in the morning with an amazing message, followed by Easter dinner at my in-laws. I couldn't have asked for anything more! I'm truly blessed beyond measure with my family, my husband, my son & soon to be newest addition & bundle of joy to our family.
God is so merciful and Jesus is our Lord & Savior. All Glory and praise goes to Him who is Risen!


Nici said...

The decorated table looked so nice!
And your son is so cute, anyway he's not smiling!

Krystie said...

Cute baby bump! I followed you over from a blogger comment on a local Oregon blogger. I'm from Portland and 23 weeks along!

elanor, said...

i'm stunned by the beauty of you, your husband, your sister, and your son! how incredible! and you're definitely glowing... :) i'm so glad you had a nice easter! he is risen!

Alyssa Lentsch said...

looks like it was beautiful! By the way, you and your sister are so lovely!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

you are mesmerizing! and your sister is a doll.

Amber said...

my word, you are glowing! Seriously you look wonderful in each shot.

TanyaMac said...

such a lovely wee bump and a lovely wee dress to go with it. You remind me of daffodils ;D

Leah said...

You are such a cute pregnant woman! I love these pictures. I looks like it was a wonderful Easter. I hope it was a blessing to you all! He is risen indeed!