June 30, 2012

Kiss the Sky - A modern day Goddess

I'm always on the look out for new trends and summer looks.
Even when I feel like a giant at 33 weeks pregnant! You can always find inspiration in fashion.
When I came across this Threadsence Kiss the Sky all the outfits blew my mind.
I love the cohesive collection. Displaying a number of ways to lounge around in sheer, pastels, prints and neon brights. Cant forge't the adorable pony, pretty lipsticks, crown braids and sloppy buns!

Maui is amazing!
Waking up early, going to the beach, swimming, reading, tanning my bump and eating Coconut Sorbet.
Doesnt get any better.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I'm loving your Maui-ness on insta!! So happy you are there... That baby bump is looking so super cute! :) xo

Deanne Marie said...

I love the outfits for sure. I think the light pastels make for a cute summer night outfit. Thanks for sharing