June 25, 2012

Maternity in the Blogging World

Meet these beautiful mamas & mamas to be.
I love how I can relate to them and find inspiration too.
Brittany from life of charmings is so adorable excpecting her first baby girl.
She is an artist and has a life style blog filled with little DIY's &  fun adventures that she captures through amazing photos!

Maryam from milk friendly has a fantastic blog filled with so much maternity information and products. And most importantly how to stay in fashion & look pretty darn sexy while breastfeeding too! She is expecting her third boy! Yay for BOYS!!!

 Rachel from rachael green photography is an amazing photographer and is expecting her first girl this summer. I first found her on instagram and learned that she was pregnant too! Check out her daughters nursery here. Its so cute! I also love how she keeps a weekly journal, isn't that just the sweetest.

Beth from b jones style  has a fashion blog that peers into her daily life cataloging her gorgeous outfits, hair tutorials, & other fashion inspirations.
Shes expecting her first baby! I'm excited to see how she will dress her BUMP.

Many of you may have seen this fimilar face from other blogs or pinterest.
Taza from the rock star diaries  had just recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Samson Rex! Her first daughter Eleanor is just a darling big sister. She has a pretty cute blog filled with her lifestyle and amazing entertaining instagram photos.

Meet Sarah from frills for thrills. Shes from Portland, Oregon and is expecting her first boy.
Her blog is not only filled with her adorable daily outfits, but her love love for interior decorating, thrifting and crafting. I'm so happy for her and always enjoy seeing her outfits.
I'm sure there are so many more wonderful blogs of women who are NOW pregnant and expecting in 2012. I would love to meet you and read about your life and get to know you, so feel free to drop a comment or email me and say Hi. Its always nice to network with other expecting mamas.

Flying to Hawaii today for 2 weeks! Can't wait to soak up the HOT HOT sun and float on the sea like a sea turtle. I'm going to catch up on some reading and eat some juicy tropical fruits and just simply RELAX~ as much as I can while carring for a pretty wild toddler son.
I will post whenever I have some free time, but I think for them most part I will take a break and just really enjoy my last vacation before this baby comes out in just some short 8 weeks!

Happy Monday & Blessings to you all!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love brittany's preg-o pics. which she knows, since i comment on the obsessively.

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Miss Olga, you and all these prego ladies make me want to get pregnant again!! Except I wont look half as cute as you!!! Hope you have a great week!! xoxo

Amber said...

I wasnt familiar with any of these ladies so thanks for the introductions!

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

All such beautiful mama's to be! Have a relaxing and fun time in Hawaii - enjoy all that sunshine! Hopefully when you get back to Portland, summer will FINALLY have arrived :)

Maryam Fortuna said...

Hi Olga!!
Thank you for including me in this list, gorgeous mama!! Which island are you coming to? We are on Oahu :)

Anonymous said...

sweet and beautiful pregnant girl! thank you for including me here! i am quite honored :) so much fun, being in the pregnant club!

i hope hawaii is amazing!! jealous!

rachforthestars said...


Laura said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to these women! I am so excited to have more mommies and mommies to be to follow! I'm 30 weeks and I love reading about other preggitas and their prenancy!