August 11, 2012

Our Holiday//Video Clip


Already missing the warm ocean waves.
The breathtaking sunsets.
Unlimited supply of fruits.
Walks on the beach.
Soaking up the hot sun.
Family Time.

Until Next Time.

I always love to record on my iphone but never really do anything with my videos..
Thanks to Elizabeth Kartchner for her brilliant idea! and the adorable song Holiday by: Sarah Sample... In whom I've met in person at the SPARK event last year!! Shes so talented!!
To make the video looking all vintage you may ask?..I used the app 8mm..Such a fun little app that has different eras in time where you can record your clips..

Now we can look back and smile at our sweet memories in Maui..

Sorry its a bit long..just couldn't edit all the videos out. There were too many cute ones!
The first song is by Bob Marley: Three Little Birds.


Taylor said...

Oh my goodness that video was so adorable!
I'm sure you hear this all the time but you have the most beautiful little family. =]

Despina T. said...

beautiful vid!i really love the beautiful.your family is great you r very lucky.looking great girl!


Denise Pacurar said...

WOW Olga! The video was amazing! Such a beautiful way to put together all the clips from your trip!!! Looks like you all had a blast!!!

<3 Denise

Anonymous said...

Aw, super cute video!

Vera :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Ok, maybe it's just because I'm pregnant and emo these days, but I almost teared up watching this!! It also could've been the vintage camera effect with the music??? Hahaha! Your family is seriously SO adorable. It's making me really excited to have our first boy : ) Also, I love how your son interacts with your husband. It is so precious! How he climbs on top of him and smooshes his face and how he was smiling at him in the car... so much cuteness! And you are so gorgeous, lady!! I can't wait to see the newest addition to your family (hopefully soon!!) but in the meantime you are literally the prettiest ever!

Shelley said...

Officially makes me want to go on vacation...too precious. Your heart must just be full to overflowing with your darling boy and one on the way. Can't wait to hear the news of his arrival!!

Anya Rudn said...

Awww the video was just way to sweet. Great way to capture memories.. You have an adorable family.. And its only getting bigger and better..
Best of luck with the birth of the new baby boy any day now!!


Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

what an absolutely gorgeous family you have! and WOW are you the cutest mama-to-be ever!!! just found your blog and i look forward to following your journey . . . . stop by and say hello, i love having fellow mama bloggers following

Tereza said...

such beautiful shots, looks like an amazing trip!
hugs Tereza

Zhanna said...

Such a GREAT video! Thanks for sharing! I love the way Eddie and Zeek are together! So precious!

Olga Marquez said...

OMG, Olga!! You have the most perfect little family!! And you my friend, you are one stunningly BEAUITFUL women.

Your little man is just the cutest!! It makes me want a little guy!! Hopefully God will bless me with one the fourth time around.

Blessing to you and your beautiful family!

Ann Pumilio said...

My husband and I also went to Maui the same month! I see y'all sent to's our favorite spot to shop and eat while watching the sunset. :) Too bad I didn't bump into would've been nice to meet you.

You have a beautiful family!


Tayakubi said...

What a perfect little vacay!! LOVE the video! (I was friends with Jenny growing up, and saw you through her IG. Your family is beautiful! Be blessed!)