September 10, 2012


Manchik Photography
Just a sneak peak. cant wait to see more of their beautiful work!
These other photos were shot by a friend..he captured some amazing candid shots!
Click here to view more.

With my Handsome Husband "The Best Man"
With little Ethan just two weeks old here.
Had to share these. My 2 year old son Ezekiel was just not having it that day! (Terrible Two's) Need I say more!! He would not cooperate in any family photos.
So sad because he was dressed like such a cutie. Oh, well..still sweet memories to look back at.
My Adorable Sister!
Some of the ladies posing for the cameras
With my bestie "Toots" Natasha

INSTA Pics from my phone and others
These are some of my favorites

To view wore instagram pics #ozerugawedding

This is a video that we all got to see as a surprise during the reception.
Same Day Edit! So beautiful! Brought me to tears!


Kirsten said...

Oh wow. These are all so beautiful!
You son all dressed up and wearing his glasses is darling!

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

stunning family, stunning photos! you look AMAZING post baby too!

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Karin said...

You are one AMAZING Mama! Travelling with a two year old and two week old all while looking stunning? I couldn't even manage to go to the grocery store with a two week old! Cheers to you sweet Mama! Love the photos, your family is beautiful! XO

patty said...

the bride is beautiful!
love the video!

Susana said...

You have a lovely family. Your children are gorgeous! I wish you all the best raising them!
Regards, Susana from Two Clouds in the Sky said...

Such a beautiful wedding!