September 19, 2012

Not ready for summer to end..just yet.

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Dress: Ruche | Belt & Bracelet: forever21 | Sandles: Anthropologie
Gosh, its been over a month since I've blogged!
I've been taking some time off the computer and really enjoying these last summer days with my loved ones.
On this particular day was my sisters seventeenth birthday.
Shes such a doll. Every time I hang out with her I feel as if I'm seventeen myself. Despite our 7 year difference she is my best friend and one who I can have a wonderful time with.
She is in love with my little son Ethan. Who is already 1 month old!
Its crazy how time flys on by..
I'm having so much fun being a mom and loving these scrumptious boys of mine!
Life couldn't be more exciting for me right now.
I sometimes cant believe that I'm a mom of two boys! Yikes!!
I have so many pictures and stories to already share.
Cant wait to share with you soon.
Just sit and wait some more..while Id like to pause my life and simply enjoy it in the moment.
Because its flying by way to fast.
Be back soon.


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

I love these pictures! Ethan is just beautiful- like his mama. :)

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

those toes!!! he is so beautiful and you look STUNNING post baby!

VM Creation Atelier said...

GORGEOUS,GORGEOUS,GORGEOUS photos.................!!!:-)*

SOoooooooooo cute and beautiful!

Two wonderful childs and so sweet,beautiful Mom:-)))*

Greets from Amsterdam,


Andrea said...

Did you SERIOUSLY just have a baby!?!? YOU look Amaaazing!! said...

Love all the vibrant colors in this post! Also, I agree with all the comments above...You look fantastic post baby!