October 22, 2012

autumn fun with my boys...

I had a lot of fun visiting a local close by pumpkin patch with my boys.
This was one of the last warm sunny days before the cold rainfall hit.
My toddler Zeek loves to play on tractors so he was so excited to see one on the field.
My two month little one Ethan is just simply pure joy to my heart.
At two months old he is such a good baby. Calm little soul.
 He slept through most of the photo shoot.
Love my boys both so much. Feel Blessed and Happy lately.
Enjoying Autumn sunny weather to the fullest.


Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

You look beautiful and your boys are just PRECIOUS! Thanks for sharing such sweet moments :)


Tereza said...

I love this time of year! You guys are too too cute, looks like a great day :)
hugs tereza

Tanya M said...

I can't believe how many photos you managed with two little boys to tote around! The wagon idea for baby Ethan to sleep in is a pretty great one! By the way, I emailed you maybe a month ago? Was wondering if you got that.

Anya Rudn said...

Such sweet, sweet photos!!
Love how Ethan is just peacefully sleeping the whole time =).