October 30, 2012

{DIY} Before & After

This was my very first time painting furniture this past summer and I cant believe I totally almost forgot to post the before & after photos. Of course with being pregnant all summer, having the baby, I almost forget everything now!
I had the most fun time painting this old chocolate wooden bedroom set. I didn't want to use just one color, the moment I stepped into the boutique I was swept away with all the colors to choose from!
So I decided to paint 3 different colors.
If you haven't already heard of this amazing product.
 It's the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I absolutely fell in love with her products the moment I laid my eyes on the before & after shots.
I did a lot of research and looked at other blogs and got really inspired.
If your in the Portland, OR area and would be interested in buying her products you may purchase them at this adorable boutique called The Purple Pear.
There are various steps to follow when painting furniture. These are the steps that I took.

Step 1. Use sand paper to remove the old paint and gloss.
Step 2. Use a damp rag to wipe all the dust and crumbs from sanding before applying paint.
Step 3. Paint double coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint using a regular thick brush.
Step 4.  After it completely drys. Use the Annie Sloan wax brush to apply the dark wax over the blue & green end tables, and use the clear wax over the white dresser. To get a better understanding of how to apply the wax you may read about it here
Step 5. Use a sanding block to go over the edges to give it a more distressed look.
Step 6. Replace Knobs

That's it! And I loved the results! I can't wait to paint some more antique finds in the near future!

Have you ever painted furniture? Id love to hear and see your before & after photos. You may email me at vintageprettyo@gmail.com and I'll post them on my blog!



Deanne Puricelli said...

I love the fun colors! My dream is to do that with our bedroom furniture once my fiance' and I buy a house after the wedding! Thanks for the tips and tricks post! :)

Amber said...

well that sounds easy enough and the results are fantastic! I am a spray paint fan myself. I cant stop spray painting all our lighting fixtures :)

Tereza said...

wow looks so good, I love how some paint can transform furniture!

phyllis said...

Thank you for referring me. I really appreciate this! I love the colors you have chosen!

patty said...

looks ah*MAZING!

Gerry Bossier said...

That’s a fantastic idea! Why not fill something that has boring colors with beautiful and loud ones to add more life? Not only will the drawer look livelier, but you’ll also have fun painting at the same time.

his little lady said...

The before and after is just beautiful! I've always wanted to paint furniture to give it that better finish but I'm too scared! I might just have to get over that though because this totally inspired me ;)
xo TJ

Anya Rudn said...

Great post!

The turn out is beautiful, looks like completely different furniture, Love it!