October 1, 2012

{DIY} Quoted Canvas

Alot of my followers have emaild me on how I made this Quoted Canvas.
Step 1. If you have a old colorful canvas that you got a bit tired of looking at and woud like to make something of it. Use it for this project! If not I'm sure you can find one at goodwill or a thrift store.
Step 2. Apply vinyl letters of your favorite quote. (I found these letters at Michaels)
Step 3. Paint using a roller with your choice of paint color over the letters.
Step 4. Let the canvas completely dry before removing the letters.
Easy as that! And super cheap and adorable!


Lex said...

I. LOVE. THIS!!!! So easy and creative. I definitely will have to give this a go sometime.

LeahM said...

Love this idea! And it looks so easy too :)

Emily Maldonado said...

Thanks for the idea!! I have 2 that I'm anxious to try this out with