November 29, 2012

Ezekiel at 3 years old

shirt: crew cuts | sweater & socks: Target | jeans & shoes: Zara
Hes so curious about everything..
Talks and asks questions repeatedly..
Loves being a big brother..
Is very times.
Obsessed over cars, Caillou, Curious George
Loves when mama & papa read him books
Finally potty trained!
His new thing is building forts.."BIG, MANY", forts, piled to the ceiling! (litteraly goes and collects clothes, towels, blankets, pillows, toys, everything he sees and piles them up) ((Sigh)) And then guess who has to cean up? mama of course. =)
He's my oldest. and Ezekiel Edward just turned THREE!
I cant believe that I have a three year old son. Bittersweet moment.
I'm happy hes growing up and is out of his "terrible two's stage"
He runs into our bedroom every morning at 7:30 -8am and wakes us up including baby "sometimes" and is so excited to start his day. Usually puts his car toys and trucks and Lego's all over our bed and plays. Such joyful little soul. He has so much ambition, character, and love to give! Couldn't image life without him. Hes my joy!
I'm excited for this up coming new year.
Let the Three's begin. 
We threw a little birthday party for him on his real birthday November 25th.
It was so much fun! cant wait to share you the pics!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! And your little oldest prince is soooo pretty! I specially love the 5th pic counting from the top. He's really cute! Also love the way he's dressed. I wish him all happiness in the world!
I'll also have my first boy in February. :)