December 19, 2012

Christmas Cards Display

When you have an adorable crochet mitten garland (from anthropoligie) Assorted washi-tape +  wooden clothes pins and a handful of beautiful Christmas cards.
What a fun way I thought would be to display them over our office fireplace mantel.
I wanted an eclectic, colorful look in my office. Its one of the first things you notice when  you walk in. I spend a lot of hours in here, and so does my husband so its nice to glance over your friends and loved ones. With some vintage books, picture frames, blocks, vases and pine cones. This display took me less than 5 minutes to create and now so can you!

Happy Decorating!
From my home to yours~


Urban Nester said...

I love this! Love how you used those cute decorated clothes pins. Receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite things during the holiday season :)


sip-n-wear said...

super cute idea!!!

Tereza said...

super cute idea! the decorating looks so good :)

Anya Rudn said...

Beautiful set up!! Such a great idea!


Sierra said...

How cute!! I love all of this!
Oh, Just Living the Dream said...

Such a cool idea for displaying Christmas cards. I love washi tape!

Kim said...

Super cute! Love this!

Where do you buy your washi tape? I need to get some for a project I have to do but haven't bought it yet!